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BUILD - Serum with Australian Snake Vine Extract


BUILD the skin barrier to ensure its optimal health before travel. 

This remarkable Serum is a concentrated dose of one of the world's most powerful anti-oxidant complexes. It builds the skin barrier and strengthens the structure of the skin matrix.

Australian Snake Vine (Hibbertia scandens) contains Catechins that are 100 times more potent antioxidants than Vitamin C and 25 times more potent than Vitamin E, to protect against oxidative, stress-induced cell death. 

Snake Vine Extract also contains Myricetin which alleviates aging-induced oxidative stress and has important applications for improving physical cell performance under hypoxic environments. Snake Vine Extract also displays antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory activity.  All of which contribute to this Serum's impressive anti-aging efficacy.

Directions:  Use one or two drops on bare skin or mixed with moisturiser, every night for one week prior to travel or a major skin stress event.  Do not wear during the day if exposed to sunlight or wear a 30+SPF.

Men's skin is different to women's (20% thicker & naturally more oily).

In-Flight For Men is formulated to maximise 36 hour hydration and to build, protect and restore men's skin to optimal health.

In-Flight For Men Serums contain the full plant profile of Snake Vine's botanical actives, including all water-soluble phytoactives, as they exist in nature: potent, active, synergistic and bio-available.  IFM's Serums are formulated using plant essentials extracted through an Australian innovative technique based on the principles of biomimicry. This extraction method maintains the plant's delicate cellular balance and does not stress or degrade the plant's bio-matrix. This is a game changer to the outdated methods of maceration, percolation and dehydration to create powders used by international skincare companies. Outdated (though cheaper) methods place the plant under extreme stress, rapidly compromising the quality of the phyto-compounds they contain, resulting in an extract of little more than decomposing plant matter. 

* All our products are carefully formulated to be suitable for sensitive skin as non-irritating, non-sensitizing and non-comodogenic.  We carefully exclude ingredients with any potential for irritation or inflammation - including many ingredients regularly included in many well known brands.  We find healthy alternatives to substitute for these, and comprehensively skin test all our formulas.

* Australia is an emerging world leader in skincare research, formulation and manufacture. Our products are made in Australia to the highest standard of Australian scientific and manufacturing excellence.  

* We are committed to Truth in Beauty and provide full ingredients lists for all our formulas, and only make claims based on scientific evidence. 

* We do not claim to be 100% natural as we genuinely believe there are some amazing ingredients being created in Australian laboratories using plant cell technology that are 100% safe to use and which are very effective - in particular for preventing and managing sensitisation and hydration. 

* We are committed to Clean Beauty: we preference organics; we favour naturals; we use stable, non-toxic carriers that enhance the efficacy of our products.  

* Always, always Cruelty-Free. Vegan.

* All our products are sustainably sourced. We investigate supply chain integrity before committing to the use of an ingredient in our formulas.  A number of our partners supply us under Fair Trade contract and we are always looking for opportunities to expand our Fair Trade commitments.

* We have minimised our use of plastics in our packaging wherever possible.

*We are an all-female company with a female CEO, although we are looking to recruit a few blokes in the future.  Chris Hemsworth - your application is pending.

 Formulated without:

Mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, sulfate detergents, parabens, PEGs, PPGs, DEA, TEA, urea or phthalates.


Made in Australia

Australia is an emerging world leader in skin science with outstanding excellence in research & manufacturing. University-based research is daily discovering new Australian Botanicals with potent actives for advanced skin care.

Created for Sensitive Skin

In-Flight Magic products are mindfully formulated to exclude ingredients that might irritate or cause sensitive skin. All our products include natural anti-inflammatories. Inflammation is not only uncomfortable but is also a major contributor to aging.

Earth Friendly

We love the earth we live on. We preference Australian Indigenous suppliers and all our supply contracts are fair trade. Our packaging is designed to minimise the use of plastics. We never, ever test on animals. Our products & packaging are Vegan.

BUILD - Serum with Australian Snake Vine Extract - In-Flight Magic

BUILD - Serum with Australian Snake Vine Extract