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In-Flight Magic is an Australian company with connections into universities undertaking ground-breaking research in skin-care.  We research and incorporate leading skin-care science into our products, beginning with, but not limited to, Australian botanicals with proven benefits for skin health.

My name is Annie Holden and I am the Founder and CEO of In-Flight Magic.  I'm an anthropologist (the study of cultures) with an interest in medical anthropology.  I've been a lecturer in the MBA Program at Queensland University of Technology and a former Professor at Georgetown University in Washington DC.

So, how did I become involved in skin-care?  Well, like all great products, I created this range through necessity.  As an anthropologist I was a frequent flyer but increasingly my skin became so irritated by the demands of travel - extreme dryness of airports, planes and hotels, dusty and dry or hot and sweaty work locations in deserts and tropical forests, and constantly changing environmental pollution challenges, so that eventually my skin became sensitized and irritated.

And once skin is sensitized, it is very difficult to restore it to normal health.

I tried many brands and couldn't find one that gave me the luxury, soothing feel I wanted in a moisturizer and that didn't also irritate my skin. Like many women who fly a lot, I needed a product that was deeply hydrating and soothing but that did not contain the irritating actives commonly used in most quality skin-care products.

Also, like any one else who travels a lot - I spend a lot of time in hotel rooms.  I've always loved to turn otherwise boring hotel room nights in transit into relaxation and self-care nights, but once my skin became sensitized I also found I couldn't use many of the masks I had always liked to use.

I decided to take the matter in to my own hands and found an amazing formulation chemist to work with me to solve this problem, and who also has sensitive skin! 

Since I started on this quest I have learnt so much about skin and skin-care.  My team and I continue to research and source ingredients where there is a strong evidence base that they are effective and that they really do all the things they claim to do.  We experiment with the most beautiful carriers and natural binders to bring these to the In-Flight Magic range. We source natural where ever possible, and organic where we can.

I confess I am now on a bit of a mission. I think more and more women are developing sensitized skin and I know that cortisone creams are heavy duty but often the only solution once sensitization takes hold.  So prevention is key.  I want the world to know that your usual skin-care products may be excellent products under normal circumstances, but they are not up to the challenges of travel.  The In-Flight Magic range is designed to take hydration to a whole new level and offers women all the wonderful benefits of quality skin-care but without the unnecessary irritating actives.

The products in the In-Flight Magic range are all products that I personally use myself and they work amazingly for me.  I genuinely hope you like them too.


 Dr Annie Holden, Founder and CEO In-Flight Magic.

TTB IP Holdings T/A In-Flight Magic,ABN 6360 700 7563 AUSTRALIA.