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The Celebrations Continue - Hangover Mask


Xmas Survival Series 

Revive your skin after with our infamous The Celebrations Continue - Hangover Mask.  A part of our Xmas Survival Series, this mask is a skin saviour for the festive season. Designed specifically to counteract the effects of alcohol on your skin, this mask restores hydration, detoxifies and energises your skin so that the celebrations can continue. 

The Celebrations Continue - Hangover Mask

  • Restores hydration
  • Detoxifies skin
  • Prevents skin cell death
  • Soothes irritation

Made in Australia

Australia is an emerging world leader in skin science with outstanding excellence in research & manufacturing. University-based research is daily discovering new Australian Botanicals with potent actives for advanced skin care.

Created for Sensitive Skin

In-Flight Magic products are mindfully formulated to exclude ingredients that might irritate or cause sensitive skin. All our products include natural anti-inflammatories. Inflammation is not only uncomfortable but is also a major contributor to aging.

Earth Friendly

We love the earth we live on. We preference Australian Indigenous suppliers and all our supply contracts are fair trade. Our packaging is designed to minimise the use of plastics. We never, ever test on animals. Our products & packaging are Vegan.

The Celebrations Continue - Hangover Mask - In-Flight Magic

The Celebrations Continue - Hangover Mask